My Sonett V4

Who am I?
A little history
Early summer 2010
We have participated in the Pittsburgh Vintage Gran Prix Rallye the last 4 years, the PVGP car cruise & car shows the last 5 years. Try for more. It is a 10 day multi events ending with the GP races.
My 1969 SAAB Sonett II V4
This car was "sporty" and quite advanced in 1969. As all SAAB's it is Front wheel drive (rare in 1969). It also has front disk brakes, also rare in 1969. Although small and a fiberglass body it has many safety features. The engine/transmisson is designed to go under the floor in a head on crash. It has a cross beam under the seats between the large rocker pannel boxes. The spare tire is placed to absorb a hit in the rear The gas tank is forward between the rear wheels. It has a roll bar, 3 point seat belts, dual braking system, flow thru ventilation, rack & Pinon steering, and much more. They were somewhat expensive, $3,700+ shipping, dealer prep, taxes, etc.
Richard G. Simpson
Retired SAAB Master Tech
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